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We are available to share in your church or study group. Please contact us for dates !

Pray for us

We have seen that the ministry has been taking a more personal counseling role for many who contact us. We are so honored by this, as we are invited closer and into the most personal details of many lives. We see that the Lord is using us to fill in gaps and shine the Light of love into many lives. Praise the Lord!

Continue to pray for those countries in conflict and remember especially the Church as these difficult times often are hardest on them. 

Timothy has a long complicated health history but the Lord has been faithful and has healed him and given him strength for the work. Praise Him for this great gift and pray for continued blessing in this area especially!

Pray for Christians everywhere to find their hearts overflowing in love for Muslims. As media and culture back for many misunderstandings and raise fears about Muslims we as Christians have to dig deeper for the love that Christ wants us to have for Muslims, and it is HIS love that will win them!

We’d love to pray for you!

Ibrahim, aka Timothy, is an Egyptian former Muslim now Christian evangelist seeking to share the Gospel in the Muslim world. Angela, his wife, is an American stay at home mom and secretary treasurer of Timothy Abraham Ministries. Nisseem, our first born son, is 12 and ready to teach the whole world about Jesus. Raphael, our baby, is 6 and has Down Syndrome and teaches us all about how to see God. To learn more about us personally please visit our Family page.  We have a board of directors for the non-profit 501-c3 ministry who help us with our work.

Where are you?

Our home base is Raleigh, NC. While much of the ministry is aimed at the Middle East and the entire Arab world, we are able to do that here in our home in NC. 

What do you do?

We use all kinds of roads to spread the Gospel to the Muslim world, and encourage Christians all over the world in how to reach out to their Muslim neighbors. Primarily, we use radio, Internet, social media and correspondence to build relationships, but we have also ventured into television and university settings to share the love of Christ with Muslims. To learn more about our work please click here. Timothy also does quite a bit of writing, check out some of his articles here. 

How do you do your work?

We work in cooperation with other ministries using air time on the radio and television to broadcast Timothy’s Bible teachings to the Arab world. We work with churches to educate Christians on how to reach their Muslim neighbors. We live by faith, and are supported by friends and churches who believe in our work. 

Why do you do this?

Timothy is a gifted linguist and minister, Angela is an RN, but Muslims are who our heart longs for! The Lord has put in our hearts a deep abiding love for the Muslim world, and we want to see the Lord glorified in these communities! God has called us to this, provided for us every step of the way, and we are seeing amazing things happening! ../Our_Family/Abraham_Family.html../The_Work/Radio_Outreach.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1

We tend to forget that a large portion of what we say isn’t in the words we speak but in how we inflect the tone, the setting, our hand gestures and the speed in how we say it. We have to become more mindful of our communication to be really effective at doing it. How someone might understand what we are saying might be very different than what we think we are saying. We can often be amazed at how we are understood even by our peers much less across cultural lines. How often do we hear people in the media complain that what they said was taken out of context? And while we often show them no mercy because of their positions we should look at our own way of blurting out things and wonder that anyone keeps us as friends. Paul said it best when he wrote of speaking without love in 1 Corinthians 13.

While many Muslim countries have women in high positions within the society, all Muslim countries are convinced that the woman’s real realm is that of the home. Her abilities to raise an honorable family, keep an image of status within the community, her outward respect for her husband, these are the critical foundations of what a woman is in the Eastern community.

Timothy has been sharing the Gospel and Bible teachings on the radio to the Middle East in Arabic for almost 20 years now! While the radio programs began to run just once a week they have grown into a 5 days a week regular program! They are heard all over the Middle East and North Africa via shortwave radio, satellite and in many locations on local FM stations as well. This ministry serves not only to reach into homes of Muslims but also to minister to the Arab Christian minorities living under Islam.

Wondering About Women?

Curious for more about our work?

How can you get involved?

The answer to this should be found in prayer. The Lord will lead you to how you should interact with Muslims.  We ask that you pray first for them as well as for those who are working in the field for the harvest!

Would your church benefit from learning more about Islam? Would your Sunday School group? If so, contact us and have us come visit!

We always are looking for people who are interested in arranging dialog with local Muslim groups. Contacting the local mosque with inquiries on having Muslim-Christian dialog can be the first step. We are always happy to be a part of such events.

We always need those who are able to help us stand in the gap financially. If you would like to support our work your donation will not only be a blessing to the work, but a tax deduction!

If you would like to hear more, please give us your email or address and we will be happy to send you our newsletter!

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