Angela Abraham

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Name: Angela

Nickname:  Angelina

Age: 41

Birthday: Oct 2nd

College: Western Wyoming

Major: Nursing

Favorite Color: Cranberry

Favorite Book: JPS Tanakh Any of Dickens classics, James Michener’s historical novels, Will Durant’s “The Story of Civilization”, and J.R Tolkien’s works


Born in North Carolina and returned, but enjoyed high school and college years in Colorado and Wyoming. I am an RN, but have been called in the ministry to do many other things. I enjoy travel a great deal, flowers, birds, reading but I really LOVE being a mom to two amazing boys. I also enjoy writing a great deal and when I have a few moments I try to add to my blog here.

When I was just about to go into high school, we were moving across the country but right before we left I encountered a missionary who introduced me to a pen friend who lived in Mauritius. At the time I had no idea what it meant to be a convert from Islam, but that pen friend was my first experience with anything outside my sheltered world. I had the special honor of being chosen to be the only American in a dorm filled with International students upon entering college, having that experience with all those amazing cultures opened my eyes to the larger world and gave me a heart to see all of them knowing Jesus. It wasn’t long after that that my parents recognized a call to full time mission work themselves. The year my parents left for full time work overseas, I met Timothy. My world has never been the same!

I had just finished my nursing degree and had been traveling with Timothy in his sharing when Sept 11 changed our world. From that one event more people have become interested, engaged, enraged, and broken hearted then any other in my time... Our work changed and I was completely given over to working full time to enable Timothy to do the work that he has been called to do.

The Lord has since blessed us with two beautiful amazing boys who make my life filled with light. Nisseem, our eldest, is a dynamic young man who captures hearts everywhere. When he accepted Christ and was baptized I was shaken to the core, that such a huge blessing was poured out into our family through him. Raphael, our little man, is incredible in every way. I cannot imagine my life without him now and he makes me want to be better every day.


Angela Abraham

Had I the assurance that I would enjoy the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.. Ps 27: 13