Sheikh To Christian!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 11:15 AM

Beloved friends in Christ,

It is our joy to share with you that a Muslim sheikh has come to Christ through our ministry. He is originally deployed by the Al-Azhar, the largest Islamic university in the Muslim world, to convert people in Malaysia in Islam and mainly teach them Arabic. His name is Raafat. I was suspicious of him at first, not believing that a Muslim sheikh would convert actually to Christianity. Every night he falls asleep hearing audio messages of the gospel of John. He hasn’t given up his Islamic vocation in Malaysia as this is the most secure way of earning a living for him. Most of the budget in Egypt is spent on people like him who go to Malaysia in order to convert them to Islam. Raafat sees the empties of Islam. He says to me when he stands before God on the day of Judgment, it won’t be on the basis of his good works. He doesn’t expect God to have angels escort him to paradise because his good deeds outweigh his bad ones as Islam teaches. Rather, Raafat knows that God loved him first so unconditionally that on the basis of of that love he stands humbly before God and rest on God’s initiative of love that has caused His Son our Lord Jesus to lay His life down as a sacrifice to the point of the cross. Raafat is resting now on God work, not working His way up to God. God’s work alone has earned Him the adoption, a free gift given by God, through grace, a foreign concept that is hard to put in words for any Muslim since Allah is aloof and Muslims have to work so hard to please Him, and perhaps he is going to be pleased with His worshipping slaves, and perhaps not. But we are fully accepted in the Beloved, the Savior who makes it possible for us to stand before God as we are, just as I am, all to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give. God is doing great work in the Muslim world that we have never seen anything like before; it’s so real that it blows our minds when they convert, Muslim sheikhs and all. Thank you so much for supporting us in the cause of the Great Commission! May our Father enrich you Himself with His abundance in every way.

Because Christ is Victor,                                 Timothy Abraham

Timothy Abraham Ministries