Who Can Witness?

Monday, March 9, 2020 9:44 PM

The short answer to that question on who can witness to Muslims about Jesus is you. Yes, it’s YOU, and in caps. You as you are without any academic training or scholarly knowledge. You simply lead the listeners from familiar beliefs to the message of God’s love through the cross of Jesus. They have a general understanding of God , they call Him by the Arabic term Allah and you know the Father who is speaking through you and giving you what to say to Muslims. 


All too often, we get awkward. Where do we start without offending? The best way is always to show interest in the person talking to you, interest in Him as a person, appreciate him or her in their context and put them in the place of a teacher and asking them to teach about themselves, about their understanding of God, just allowing them to see that you are genuinely interested in what matters the most to them, which is honoring God, pleasing God, praising God, doing God’s will and heading for the eternal life.


Some of the people that the Lord used with me when I was still a Muslim were regular people who don’t know what a Bible college or seminary is, unschooled and simple, but they bore the most effective witness to me because it was not about them or what they know, but instead about who they know. They knew Jesus as a person and they were bonded with Him in a personal relationship.


According to Acts 1:8, Jesus’ final words to His disciples were that they would be His witnesses. To accomplish such a mighty task, they were to depend on the power of God and their witness would be the work of the Holy Spirit moving through them. Their witness was not about a religion or a set of ideas or doctrines but it was about a person they were in a living relationship with, the person of Christ who captured their hearts and ruled over their entire beings. As expected, this got them into trouble with the religious leaders in their society. When asked about what they were doing, Peter didn’t make it about himself since it was all about Christ. Peter said that they were witness to the fact of Jesus’ resurrection. They were just witnesses and it is Jesus that they were witnessing about. They have been with Him, He impacted their life and life and transformed it completely and now they were bearing witness to that transformation. The religious leaders couldn’t help but notice that these guys were “unschooled, ordinary men”. So what makes them think they can talk about God and Jesus like that? What qualifications did they ever have? And who gave them that authority to speak so boldly? The only qualification that Peter and John had was that “these men had been with Jesus”, and you can be sure that it is today the only qualification that you need in order to witness to Muslims. Just being with Jesus was the only authority that was required in order to proclaim the gospel boldly. So do we today! We have to depend on being with Jesus, being filled by Him, our thoughts consumed by His redeeming and cleansing love. Since the time of Peter and John and the early church, it’s been taking “unschooled, ordinary” Christian believers like you and me who would bear witness to Jesus faithfulness in order for people to receive inner liberation add call God Father and obey Him out love and not be terrified of Him.

Timothy Abraham Ministries