Hi, I'm Angela Abraham (Arafat)

Wife and mother, minister and writer, child of the King!


Many ask Timothy about how the Lord brought us together. This is a complex question, since the Lord began to prepare me to be Timothy's wife before I even can remember. I was born in NC in the rural mountains, where I enjoyed my childhood, we moved to Colorado when I entered high school, and I already begun to befriend a convert who had asked a missionary friend for pen friends in the US. When we moved to Colorado we adapeted to an entirely different culture and community and honestly loved every bit of it. I went to college in Wyoming, where the Lord had arranged for me to be placed into a dorm room with three other young ladies from aroudn the globe, Israel, France, and Nepal! As I befriended them and got to know their friends my world became much larger as our little college in Wy had been attracting a large international population because of it's reasonable cost. I remember I brought as many of them home with me to our little parsonage home for Thanksgiving, crowding the tiny trailer and filling it with laughter. We enjoyed hosting Japanese, Bolivian, Nepali, French, Israeli and even an Alaskan thrown in as well. This time of diversity in my life was shaping me for understanding and loving cultures, as well as my family, as my parents were called into overseas mission work shortly thereafter. I visited Israel with my roommate and had an amazing time there, but was contantly struck by the divide between the peoples who all lived together in this tiny little space. It broke my heart. The Kuwaiti who lived across the hall from us, and I became closer and I began to educate myself on what Islam is. She was a Muslim and took her faith seriously, but at the same time had difficulty with all of the restricitons and feeling shamed by just being herself. It was the friendship I had with her that eventually led me to make contact with Timothy via America Online. We began talking and he invited me to visit the seminary where he was still studying. I had by this time, moved back to NC to take care of my ageing great grandparents, and found that the seminary wasn't too far of a drive to visit. When we met, we were delighted, as though finding the fellowship we knew exsisited out there somewhere, immediately recognizing the part that the other would be in our lives. We were married a few short months later. He encouraged me in completing my degree, I finished my nursing education and got my RN. Shortly thereafter, 9/11 occured and our work took on more responisbility and I have worked side by side with him ever since. Nisseem came along and then Raphael joined us and they have been another source of joy and growth for me. I continue to see how the Lord brought us together to serve, and am so thankful that He did!  

Had I the assurance that I would enjoy the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.. Ps 27: 13

Angela, with Afghanistan in background, standing in Tajikistan

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Present Help

Too often I have heard a Christian say how he or she feels that she might not be doing enough, or fearing the verse of how Jesus said The Lord would say I never knew you. This is grievous to me as it reflects so evidently that while they want very much to be pleasing to the Lord, they have yet to really enjoy a personal relationship that has real hand in hand experience. If they did, they wouldn’t question, they would know without doubt that while they may or may not be adequate in anyway, their beloved Lord would never betray them. To think that someone who has a relationship with the Lord would think that HE might not know them.. is obviously a lack of knowledge, trust and so many other things one can’t even think of. But how does the average person who has a belief in Christ get to know Him? How does one establish the kind of knowing? The kind of knowing like.. when one knows that ones’ spouse will always be who they are. The instinct. The real deep knowledge that leaves ones comforted even in the darkest situation.

Nisseem asked me about when my most scary moment might have been. I told him that was a hard question, as there have been moments that have indeed been scary, but the ones where you really think I should have been really outright terrified.. my baby isn’t breathing.. my husband is having a stroke.. I hear the barking of dogs and the screams of my child..the sound of my parents trying to wake my brother in the house that had filled with smoke…his breath released and he died right there in front of me.. those moments. Those moments are marked in my life by a real sense of presence. A sense of knowing that good will win. Not knowing how or when maybe.. but knowing it is alright. That Presence that made peaceful the mind in the all too silent room where my youngest was born not breathing, no heartbeat.. I made them stop and let me stare at him in the incubator.. knowing full well I would hold him whether they believed it or not. Just knowing.

These moments fill some in panic, but it seems in these moments, those amazing moments He is so much nearer I can hear Him moving in my ears, His presence so defined in those moments I imagine the scent of heaven. Those moments leave no room for doubt of His presence in my life. Then again, those moments have indeed been good to me. My baby learned to breathe on his own, Ibrahim never suffered any lasting impact from the stroke, John woke up, the dogs didn’t touch Nisseem, Pa went on to be with Christ. I haven’t suffered real tragedy, just moments where it is a small step off to the ledge of real grief. These are my training wheels I suppose.