Timothy has been sharing the Gospel and Bible teachings on the radio to the Middle East in Arabic for 25 years now! While the radio programs began to run just once a week they have grown into a 5 days a week regular program! They are heard all over the Middle East and North Africa via shortwave radio, satellite and in many locations on local FM stations as well. This ministry serves not only to reach into homes of Muslims but also to minister to the Arab Christian minorities living under Islam. Timothy himself was ministered to by the very same radio stations he now speaks on, when he was a new convert to Christianity!


Timothy has recently had several opportunities to work with television broadcasters in promoting outreach to Muslims. He did an entire season of episodes to be broadcast in the Middle East with Micheal Youseef’s ministry to the Middle East and interviews with several other outlets. One interview was even done with live call ins and has gotten huge attention on the Internet as it has been replayed and enjoyed by millions! You can see it here...

He performed and assisted in the production of his testimony with the Dutch Evangelical group, live acting out his part telling his story to millions across the Middle East and North Africa.

Social Media

Timothy has established a base of thousands of “followers” and friends on Facebook. He has been able to begin Live Streaming his answers to Muslim/Christian questions and addressing common issues that they might have. He has seen great success with this outreach and while not everyone who watches can interact directly, due to security fears, many of these contact him privately to join the discussions.


My brother Ibrahim,

If only Christians make sure to show Christ the way you do, I assure you, while I am not a Christian myself, Christians would truly make a massive difference in the Middle East. It seems like that those who are Christians by name need genuine conversion and thus they can be really Christians, in action, and not just in name. Keep spreading the message of love and it is our hope for a better world in the Middle East.

Your brother,


Dear brother Ibrahim,

I am a Saudi Arabian and my nickname is Chris. When I left Saudi for Syria in order to study, I was an agnostic at the time. Granted, I rejected Islam because it promoted violence and hatred. Yet, my curiosity knew no end, and so I kept visiting churches and enquiring from all church leaders there. When I returned to Saudi, I was still an agnostic an no change and something mysterious happened to me while I was in Saudi Arabia. All that I have been learning on Christianity came back alive to me and became such real that I could not resist anymore. God's Word doesn't return void to Him but produces His own word in His own time. Now I read the Bible every day and use it for my daily prayers. I have fully turned my life over to the Lord and I am a child of His and I am just waiting on His timing for my baptism. Thank you for being there for us and for the message you bring us, facing all these challenges and hardships. 

Your brother,


Dear brother,

In your communication of the Gospel to Muslims as well as non-Muslims, I have seen how you have such a style unique to you as you have the ability to clothe your words with life. As you preach the Word, you make faith such a lively reality to be experienced and lived out. There is nothing abstract or out of reach in anything you teach in your messages. While I am a pastor myself, your words always impact me greatly and because they come from your heart, they go straight to my heart as well. Keep evangelizing and bringing the Good News, thus fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Your brother,


My brother Ibrahim,

I need your immediate help. My name is E and I have been listening to you for 10 years and I am impressed by your radio programs as well as your testimony. Even though I listen to you and some other good speakers, I still feel I fail miserably in my walk in Christ. While I was raised as a Christian and grew up in the church, I still love sin so much and don't think I will be able to stay further away from it. What is the solution to my brother, in your opinion? I want to be a new man and I have tried and tried and every time I fail. I don't have strong will in order to overcome sin. Please help me my blessed brother find a solution to my problem. Many thanks and lots of love to you.


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Note:  All translated from native Arabic to English.   AbuKatheer is Ibrahim's radio call name

Church Education

Timothy is often invited to speak in churches all over the nation, sharing his testimony and how to help churches reach out to their Muslim neighbors. We have done intensive week long training seminars on Muslim outreach to the smallest Bible study groups in homes. We are always honored to able be a resource to our fellow believers.


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