Timothy Abraham Ministries

Dear brother in Arabhood, Abu Katheer:

I am a young man of a country place in Northern Algeria, Jijel State. You know, I am sure, about the country people and there is a lot of ignorance and poverty; God help us. I listen regularly to your radio station "Voice of Forgiveness" and I am open to learning anything that is different from my Islamic atmosphere. I once wrote to a radio station and asked them to send me the Holy Bible but this didn't happen. I also have an intense desire to learn to read as well as write in English. My financial circumstances would not permit me to buy that kind of material. I want to speak English like all Americans do. Can you assist me? I hope we have future correspondence between us.

God bless you a great day.

Your brother,


Dear Abu Katheer:

I hope you still remember me. I have been through circumstances and it seems that all things work together work for the good of those who are called according to God's purpose. I still need somebody that I could talk to and feel safe with. I have thought often about suicide and tried to forget about my Christian faith so that I may live without pain. I turned to drugs and sadly there were given me by nominal Christians. I feel that I am on the brink of collapse. I really need to talk with you. I need godly counsel and I also need to grow in my new Christian faith.

Thank you for all the Christian books you generously send me.

Your brother,


Middle Delta


My brother Ibrahim:

I was wondering... How can you find a balance between being Arab AND Christian...

I think that it is my main problem... I love God, and I love my Origin, but I sometimes find it SO hard to conciliate between the two...

My Arab roots are So important to me, and at the same time, because they are Arab, they negate the Christian Aspect of my life.. I love being a Christian, it is MY WHOLE identity, because I am a new creation in Christ, but at the same time, that same identity makes me feel like being an Arab is NOT compatible... I have such a hard time detaching from my family, or having to do so. They are so present in my life, and have been so supportive emotionally and financially that I feel like I am betraying them by not being Muslim... specially that I am a woman, and that women wear the honor of the family. I am the only daughter my father ever had, and He always was so proud of me. I feel like I have failed Him, because in his eyes I am a failure, since I abandoned Islam and turned my back on him... I want to be a princess in his eyes, not a traitor. However, I am a Christian and don’t want to have anything to do with Islam. Christ Took me and that Is it! Do you see my struggle?

Thank you!

In the name of Jesus

My beloved brother Abu Katheer,

How thankful I am to you for caring about me and answering my letters. You really care a lot about people. I am so blessed to have a friend like you. Believe me, brother, your response to me brought me a great joy. Just in general, people hardly write letters these days. Out of all letters, yours seemed to point me to the Kingdom of God. I can hear the voice of God in what you wrote. To let you know, I left Sunday School ministry in my home church as well as my entire community. I had to move in order to earn my living as a construction inspector in that distant country. In such a place, away from all Christian fellowship, your letter was like a cup of cold water for my soul thirsty for the living Word. I am also touched that you want to help me with my English. In this respect, I comprehend about 20 per cent. I am 27 years old. Thank you for bearing with me as I share with you my personal burdens. It’s that I like to be open to all my friends as they get to know me. I appreciate your giving to me and being so willing as to give my your personal address. With you, I can say to the Lord, “You have held me by the right hand; you guide me by your counsel”. May the Lord reward you for your labour of love.

Your younger brother,


Ayman, Egypt

Dear brother Ibrahim,

I am a Saudi Arabian and my nickname is Chris. When I left Saudi for Syria in order to study political science, I was an agnostic at the time. Granted, I rejected Islam because it promoted violence and hatred. Yet, my curiosity knew no end, and so I kept visiting churches and enquiring from all church leaders there. When I returned to Saudi, I was still an agnostic an no change and something mysterious happened to me while I was in Saudi Arabia. All that I have been learning on Christianity came back alive to me and became such real that I could not resist anymore. God's Word doesn't return void to Him but produces His own word in His own time. Now I read the Bible every day and useit for my daily prayers. I have fully turned my life over to the Lord and I am a child of His and I am just waiting on His timing for my baptism. Thank you for being there for us and for the message you bring us, facing all these challenges and hardships.

Your brother,


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Dear brother,

I am a Christian living in Dubai, UAE and the words that your message bring us touch my heart so deeply as you deal with people as if you are describing friends, neighbours here I meet in the Gulf and how we need to take people as people, sinners like the rest of us and they are need the grace of God to set them free. Here comes our part in shining Christ to them and letting them know and experience that there is something far better than they have known all along. Christ in us is certainly going to attract them to Himself and we have just to be ready, in season and out of season. Thank you for bringing us God's message so that we don't lose hope in the midst of turbulent times here in the Middle East.

Your sister,


Dubai, UAE